Principal Investigators

Siobhan Hart, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Binghamton University.

Siobhan’s research examines heritage practice, the politics of community recognition, and collaborative research. As an anthropological archaeologist, she is interested in what we know about the past, how we know it, and how it matters to people today. Her research is unified by a concern with using archaeology, material culture, and community collaboration to address inequities in the world today. Engaging with contemporary communities about past lives and experiences through heritage work provides a focal point for dialogue and action that can improve quality of life, increase sociopolitical power, and contribute to dismantling structural inequalities.

George Homsy, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, Binghamton University

George’s research centers on sustainability and local government policymaking. He has explored the drivers of municipal climate change action, motivations for local environmental protection efforts, citizen action, and the role of entrepreneurial local officials. George is the co-principal investigator (with Dr. Mildred Warner of Cornell University) on a research project funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture examining the ways that rural communities implement and balance the environmental, economic, and equity dimensions of sustainability. Before returning to academia, George was a planning consultant helping small- and medium-sized municipalities create environmentally and economically sustainable communities. He began his investigation of sustainability as a public radio and print journalist. George frequently links his academic research to practice through collaborations with the International City/County Management Association and the American Planning Association.