North of Main Street Neighborhood Plan

We are facilitating the creation of the North of Main Street Neighborhood Plan. Our goal is to build sustained neighborhood capacity through a community-based collaborative planning process. The process involves residents: (1) identifying neighborhood assets and challenges; (2) developing strategies and projects to tap existing resources and encourage new investment; and (3) implementing these strategies and projects. 

Between July 2016-May 2017, a Neighborhood Planning Committee will craft a neighborhood plan. The team will use information at the Planning-in-the-Park meetings and from the 30 interviews collected by Binghamton University students. They will also host additional public input workshops. The committee will use this local knowledge to set priorities and establish goals for the community. The team will craft strategies for three audiences: city and county government officials, local non-profit institutions, and, most importantly, other residents. The final plan will be submitted to the city for adoption as a neighborhood sub-plan of the comprehensive plan.